Check-in and Check-out Times
Check-in time is at 2h30pm and Check-out time is at 12 noon. If you arrive early, or need to depart late, Please contact our staff. Early arrivals and late departures can be requested but cannot be guaranteed (fees may apply).

Guarantee, Cancellation, or Change of Reservation
A deposit of 50% of the global price must be send by wire transfer or card or cash to confirm your booking.

Non-refundable Rates
Reservations are “non-refundable”. In order to secure the lower rate at the time of the booking, the guest has waived the ability to cancel.

Payment Policies
​The payment must be done at the check-in by cash or card.

​During the Check-in
Proper identification is required (government issued ID, valid passport).

We accept the following methods of payment: Cash, Card and Bank Transfer

Taxes are applied on a nightly basis and are as follows: Thailand 7%.


1/ The Renter has right to use the property for his personal habitation for the period of time and under the conditions hereinafter defined. The Renter shall not use property to any other purpose than defined in this agreement.

2/ The Renter takes care of the Property, its surroundings and its furniture as it was his own, and is responsible of all damages caused by him, during the period of the lease, or resulting later of his negligence or any such action.

3/ The Lessor has a right to withhold from the deposited fee any amount of money he considers sufficient to cover any damages, expenses or such caused by the Renter, or deriving from his direct or indirect actions.

4/ In case the Renter leaves the property before the rental period is ended, the Lessor will not return the paid up rental fee and the Lessor has right to withhold the deposit fee as compensation and cancel this agreement.

5/ Full rental fee must be paid during Check-in. A security deposit / caution and the final cleaning fees must be paid at check in. The electricity will be paid during the checkout according to the counter at check-in / check-out.

6/ The Property is fully furnished at signing this agreement and all the furniture is in perfect conditions. Both parties of this agreement have with their signatures agreed on the back of this agreement if any such damages, which are not the responsibility of the Renter, are present at signing this agreement.

7/ The Lessor has photos of items of furniture in the property and has the right to claim any damages, disappeared, or such item after the rental period at his consideration.

8/ The Renter has not right to make any improvement, alteration, renovation, or such action without a written permission of the Lessor.

9/ The Renter will not cause any disturbance to the neighbors, personnel of the premises, its vicinity or any other.

10/ The Renter has not right to let any animals or pets inside or vicinity of the Property without written consent from the Lessor. Pets are not allowed at the villas. Pets can be requested but cannot be guaranteed (fees may apply).

11/ The Lessor has a right to terminated immediately the rental period before its expiration if the Renter results to be unsuitable to live in the Property without refund.

12/ The Renter shall not take any illegal, immoral or culturally unacceptable actions inside or vicinity of the property and is solely responsible to the authorities in such case.

13/ The Renter shall not take any other lessor, his nominated, premises management or any authority to enter the Property for inspection of the Property or its furniture.

14/ The Renter accepts the Property and its furniture as it is at the signing of this agreement.

15/ This agreement takes effect when the Renter has paid the renting and the deposit fee to the Lessor.

16/ Smoking cigarettes, or any other similar strong odors creating activity, is strictly forbidden inside the house. Fine is 20.000 bahts. However, there are many ashtray outside (patio, balcony, more ...)

17/ The Lessor is not liable for loss or theft of values of any kind left in the house or in the safety box.

18/ The Lessor is not liable for any accident and incident inside or outside the villa. Please, do not jump from the balcony to the swimming pool, do not bend by balcony, do not climb the waterfall, be careful near the swimming pool is slippy.

19/ The villa is under 24 hours CCTV Camera surveillance.

20/ The parking of the CARS cannot be done inside the villa. Fine is minimum 20.000 THB

21/ Snooker - Pool Table : It is forbidden to eat, drink or any other activity than playing snooker/billards. Thank you to put the protective cover after each game, in case of degradation, Fine is minimum 15.000 THB.

22/ We respect your CHECK IN time, so please  respect the CHECK OUT time : before noon ( midday - 12h am ).