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Pleasure Trip & Excursions

The Sanctuary of Truth -

10min from HIDE LAND - ~400 baht for taxi - The Sanctuary of Truth is a gigantic wooden construction which covers the area of more than two rais. The top point of the building is about 105 meters high.


The View Point & Big Buddha

5min from HIDE LAND - ~100 baht for Taxi - A magnificient view over Pattaya Bay and Jombtien. A temple is to visit the Big Buddha


Big Buddha Mountain - Kao Chee Chan

15min from HIDE LAND - A wonderful Big Buddha


Nong Nooch Garden -

20min from HIDE LAND - ~500 baht for Taxi- - This botanical garden features a magnificent original Thai flora collection, from which hundreds of varieties of orchids, ferns, flowering plants and exotic flowers


Floating Market -

10min from HIDE LAND - The floating market is located on Sukhumvit Road, one finds all kinds of Thai products manufacturing


Mini Siam -

5 min from HIDE LAND - Reproductions of major cultural and archaeological sites in Thailand and features a section of the major international landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, St Basil's Cathedral and the Statue of Liberty.


Mimosa The City of Love -

10 min from HIDE LAND - "The City of Love" is a reconstructed village that is related to northern Europe. You can find nice shops, restaurants, terraces. A show is to see during the day and evening. Many pictures are taken in the city of love


Art In Paradise -

5 min from HIDE LAND - Art in Paradise is the only art gallery in three dimensions in Pattaya. Tourists come take quite amusing snapshots in this art museum "illusion". Spread over approximately 5800 square meters. The museum has ten galleries.


Silverlake -

20min from HIDE LAND - Come experience the magic of SILVERLAKE VINEYARD




Elephant Village -

10min from HIDELAND - The village of Pattaya Elephant offers many activities and demonstrations involving elephants retired and residents (eg see them play football, safari elephant demonstration of how elephants are captured, etc. )

Amazon Fishing Park -

5min from HIDELAND - For fishing enthusiasts or those who want to discover this activity, Amazon Fishing Park allows you to experience this world by catching different species of fish during the day.

Pattaya Dolphin World -

15min from HIDELAND - Dolphin show to watch with the family, opportunity to swim with dolphins. Other activities: shooting range, horse riding, quad.


Sheep Farm Pattaya -

20min from HIDE LAND - Pattaya Sheep Farm is the largest sheep breeding farm in Thailand. There are activities for families during the day


Sriracha Tiger Zoo -

40min from HIDELAND - This zoo was created with the intention to conserve wildlife, including the Bengal tiger which is the identity of Asia. The zoo now has more than 200 Bengal tigers. There is also the crocodile farm and other animals. Different dressage shows with tigers, elephants and crocodiles.

Pattaya Crocodile Farm -

The garden of old stones & the Crocodile Farm is a park about a crocodiles and a wild selection of animals originating in Thailand.

Under Water World Pattaya -

10min from HIDELAND - Under Water World is the first modern aquarium in Thailand. It has a long underwater tunnel 100 meters long with a capacity of 3.8 million liters of water. An impressive variety of fish 5000 500 species of Thailand is present in the aquarium.


Frost Magical Ice Of Siam  - 

15min from HIDELAND - Watch ice sculpture reflects the thai city of art and architecture on an aera of 30.000 m⊃2;.


Harbor Pattaya -

10min from HIDELAND - The Family Paradise - The Biggest Family Entertainment Center. On many floors with even an Ice Rink.


Cartoon Network Water Park -

15min from HIDELAND - First waterpark in the world to the subject of Cartoon Network.
Set amidst 14 hectares of coastal plains overlooking the ocean and incredible sunsets, 10 entertainment zones to discover is the largest water playground in the world with more than 150 water attractions !


Ramayana Water Park -

Ramayana Water Park is the largest water park in Thailand. Many slides, a huge basin, something to eat there ... Everything is perfect to spend a good time with family or friends


Pattaya Water Park -

5min from HIDELAND - Not only enjoy dipping in the sea, but here you would also challenge the thrill of entertainment on our giant Water slides,swim around the whirlpool or tanning your skin on our private beach, here the only Water Park of Pattaya.


Flight of the Gibbon -

10min from HIDELAND - In this park you will find a zip line over 300 meters long in the Thai jungle. This obstacle course between the trees is incredible and for all ages. Guides will be on hand to learn about the flora and fauna along the route.

Teddy Bear Museum -

The museum was designed in the manner of a dragon boat 40 meters. It is also the first and only museum in South Asia, which is located on an area of over 2,500 square meters. This is a wonderful place, especially for children, thanks to the many teddy bears, small and human scale.


Sky Driving -

Are you ready ? Skydive Pattaya is a tandem skydiving operation. We have been serving our customers with the thrill of freefall here in Pattaya since 2006


Splash Down Pattaya -

Big Aera Game and WaterPark. Free Shuttle Taxi.... Good Luck :)

Pattaya Kart -

This  unique fun is provided in our 450 meters Beginner Track for amateur and children with mini-karts and double- seated kart so that you can give your kid a driving lessens. Experience drivers can be thrilled in an 750 meters Professional Track.


The Bottle Art Museum -

a museum of miniatures in bottles, It is located on Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya and exhibits artistically decorated bottles.



Central Festival -

10min from HIDELAND - Very large shopping center in the heart of Pattaya. You will find many shops (including designer shops and brand), cinemas, playground for children, games room, karaoke. Wide choice of restaurants and also panoramic view of the city.


Gems Gallery Pattaya -

15min from HIDELAND - Gems Gallery is the largest center for jewelry and gemstones in the world with a wide selection of high quality products.

- 5min from HIDELAND - Soi Buakhao every Tuesday and Friday (9h am to 16h)
- 10min from HIDELAND - Thepprasit Road every Friday / Saturday / Sunday (18h to 23h)
- 10min from HIDELAND - Jombtien Beach everyday ( 17h to 23h )
- 10min from HIDELAND - Pattaya Night Bazar (2nd Road) (14h to 23h)



IT, TV, Phone Shop - Big Aera


Big supermarkets to find imported and local products




Walking Street - No Website but... The walking street in Pattaya is the most famous pedestrian street in Asia.
The area includes restaurants seafood, music venues, beer bars, nightclubs, sports bars, go-go bars and nightclubs.

Alcazar Show -

Alcazar Show is a large modern theater in which every evening there are cabaret performances by transvestites.


Boxing -

Every day in North Pattaya, 2 sessions of traditional Thai boxing.

Colosseum -

he Colosseum Show Pattaya, large and spectacular cabaret offering the Thai and foreign public the rare pleasure of a colorful glow, kaleidoscopic spectacle of traditional and contemporary entertainment

Tiffany Show -

Tiffany's Show is a drag show. He was elected 4 th in the top 10 of the best shows to see in the world, thanks to the glamorous outfits and exotic beauty of its artists.

Alangkarn Theater -

Thai Alangkarn Theater is one of interesting places in Pattaya for tourists to visit. Instead of presenting the standard Thai traditional dances that could be seen elsewhere easily, Thai Alangkarn Theater presents Thai culture in a Panoramic concept


PATTAYA BEACH - Not recommended due to lack of cleanliness



KOH LARN - 5min from HIDELAND + 45min by Ferry (30baht per person) or 20min by Speed Boat (450 baht per person).

KOH SAK - 10km from HIDELAND - Koh Sak is a small island in the shape of a horseshoe. It has two beaches; a north where stop tourist boats to swim and another to the south where you can discover beautiful funds with just a mask and snorkel. Both beaches are connected by a passage.

KOH KROK - is a small island 8 km from the coast formed the great majority of rocks. There is only one beach. The island is an ideal place to discover beautiful corals or paddle nearby.

KOH PHAI - is a collection of small islands with greater Koh Phai. They are under the control of the Royal Thai Navy. They are about 13 km from Pattaya and 2 hours to reach them. There is a lighthouse on top of a hill, and visitors can enjoy swimming, relaxing or fishing.

KOH SAMET - is a popular but quiet island, located off the city of Rayong an hour's drive from Pattaya, which offers beautiful white sand beaches, strange rock formations and aquatic activities. It is 30 minutes by boat from Rayong. A boat service is available and you will find there are many hotels and restaurants.



~ 300km from HideLand - Wonderful Waterfall


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